Differences Between Self-Contained And Shared Accommodation

16th May 2021

We are Falcon House Association, a specialist independent living provider working with tenants, landlords, Care Providers, local organisations and communities across the UK. We help people find a place to call home, while ensuring they live a full and independent life. We specialise in supported housing for vulnerable tenants. In this post, our independent living experts will highlight the differences between self-contained and shared accommodation.

What is self-contained accommodation?

It’s essentially a property (be it a house, flat or something else) which comes complete with its own private kitchen, bathroom and/or toilet, and living area(s). In short, it has everything needed for the tenant in one place, and with no need to leave the accommodation to access necessary facilities.

What is shared accommodation?

It’s the opposite of self-contained accommodation, where one or more of those facilities are shared with other tenants – so it could be anything from a communal living area to a shared bathroom.

What are the benefits of each?

Self-contained accommodation can offer a greater level of independence and privacy as you won’t be sharing any part of the accommodation with other people. Shared accommodation offers a communal approach to living. This provides the tenant with a local social network sometimes living with others who have similar needs which can offer peer support.

How can my property be adapted for independent living?

Whichever type you choose, we can help to adjust your living situation to accommodate your unique needs. We can provide support such as identifying care services, or may even be able to support you to make special changes such as a walk-in shower. If you’re interested in shared housing, we can provide you with options of suitable environments to meet your needs often with others who have the same requirements as you do.

How do I know which to choose?

If you’re unsure, we may be able to advise you. Our team is known for being as friendly as it is thorough, so if you have questions about us, potential housing, independent living or anything else, we’d be happy to help.

How do I get in touch with you?

It’s easy – you can find all the details on our contact page, whether you’d like to write, email or call. We pride ourselves on changing our tenants’ lives for the better – enabling them to live more independently and confidently – and would love to do the same for you, or a friend or family member.