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6 Things to bear in mind when choosing a supported living property

13th March 2018

Have you been looking at the supported living properties for sale pages recently and been baffled by the huge choice of properties available and unsure where to start? Falcon can help you wherever you are in the country as we want to help vulnerable people get the home they need; the home that will hopefully restore their independence and transform their lives in some way.

Obviously there are huge differences in the properties available throughout the country, but to support you in making the best decision, we’ve put together this list of considerations as you view various homes and make your enquiries.

1. Tenancy agreements

Is the property being sold with a tenancy agreement already in place (possibly because there are already tenants in situ) and if there is, does it suit your purposes? It might be worth having your solicitor look over the details with a view to ensuring you’re not tying yourself down to any legally binding responsibilities that you could do without.

2. Support staff 

If there are already support staff who serve the property, how reliable and professional are they? Are they doing a good job, or will you need to seek new support staff? It’s also important to check that the support staff are qualified and suitable to adequately serve the needs of the people you will be housing. It may even be the case that the agency supplying the support workers are unable to continue serving that property. Thorough investigations will need to be made.

3. Extra support

If you are planning on providing specific support for your tenants, such as a live in carer or technological support, will the property accommodate this?

4. Modifications

Do any modifications need to be made to the property before it can serve the needs of your tenants. Or, there may have been modifications already made, which need updating, or changing. Will the modifications suit the need of all of your tenants, if they all different needs?

5. Safety of the property

Is the property safe and fit for purpose? Vulnerable people are often more at risk of injury in the home. Will the supported living properties you’re looking at in the for sale section potentially cause accidents or harm somebody living in the house? If the answer is yes, then you’ll need to bear in mind the cost for making it safe.

6. Appropriateness of the property

Is the property appropriate for the amount of people you want to house and the age of your tenants?


If you’d like further advice please give us a call here at Falcon. We’ll do our best in assisting you in choosing the best supported living property to suit your needs.