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What care can be expected in supported living?

26th July 2019

Everyone should be entitled to live the most independent adult life possible, even if you’re socially vulnerable, or physically challenged in some way. However, there are many barriers to independent living if you’re a vulnerable person. What we try to do here at Falcon Housing, is remove obstacles to living independently. We provide high quality supported housing that is tailored to the needs and preferences of its tenants.

Supported housing consists of accommodation and a care package, put together to allow the people who need our services to feel safe, secure and free to make their own lifestyle choices. As each of our tenants has individually unique needs, we adopt a tenant-focussed, bespoke approach to equipping the properties we provide.

Your requirements will be assessed upon application, in order to ensure we can provide you with a relevant care package. That package may consist of a number of different carers, who will visit you regularly. If we can accommodate your needs, you’ll have your own place to live and be visited by the care providers that are essential to maintaining your freedom.

Our care partners and their role in learning disability supported living

We partner with a number of reputable care providers in order to have multiple systems of support in place. This means that whether you need help with your mobility, with learning, with work, or with administrative tasks, such as sorting out your bills and benefits for instance, you will have access to that sort of help.

In addition to this,  you will have a property supervisor assigned to you, to help out with housing maintenance and repairs. Gas and safety checks will be performed regularly on your building and if your devices stop working, or a plumber is required, you will be given a contact number to call. As long as our tenants are able to report any property problems that come up, it is the responsibility of Falcon Housing to help you find a solution.

Should your care requirements change while you’re a tenant in our supported housing properties, we can revisit your care package. We adopt a flexible approach to tenants’ needs in order to ensure they receive relevant care, as and when they need it. The tenants’ responsibilities in this include keeping us informed of any problems that may occur with the existing care package in place. One of our supported living advisors will be able to redirect queries to relevant parties, when problems are raised.

Living in supported housing means you don’t have to rely on support from family and other loved ones. You can live your life with much more independence. To take those first steps towards living in your own home, away from someone making decisions on your behalf, that you might not want, please get in touch. We can help you with your application and guide you through the types of properties we have available. Please give us a call.