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Why you should choose Falcon Housing Association

30th January 2019

What makes Falcon Housing Association the housing association for vulnerable adults in Durham and the North East?


Who we are

At Falcon Housing Association, we believe every adult has the right to good quality housing and a place that they can call their own. Our goal is to help vulnerable individuals in the North East find a home for life with supportive care, an engaging environment, and as much independence as possible. We are a registered non-for-profit social housing association, so you can guarantee we put our tenants and individuals we support first. Our first priority is supporting our tenants in living happy and fruitful lives within their community while feeling settled in their environment.


Who we work with

We partner with local authorities, property developers, likeminded landlords, and care providers to ensure our high-quality housing is always up to scratch. We help to define the needs of the vulnerable people we support by working with their families and loved ones as well as partnering with the community to deliver a truly unique social housing service.


Landlords and expansion

As we as providing high-quality housing and support to vulnerable adults, we also work very closely with landlords to continue to source safe and viable properties to join our cause. This means that we provide rental management and planned maintenance services to private landlords, property developers, care providers, and local authorities across the UK. This ensures that our portfolio of available properties is constantly expanded and maintained, providing attractive services to landlords while also ensuring the needs of our tenants are met.


We plan for the long-term

At Falcon Housing Association, we don’t believe in quick fixes or temporary solutions. We strive to find viable long-term social housing of the highest quality for the individuals we support. We invest a lot of our passion in finding the perfect fit for each tenant so that they may leads fulfilling, rewarding, and comfortable lives within their new home with as much independence as possible. With a strong foothold in the market and an already glowing reputation for social housing solutions, we are looking forwards to our continued growth and supplying support.


Types of housing and adaptations

Because we’re all individuals, we offer different types of housing and adaptations to make sure those we support feel listened to. We offer self-contained housing, which includes all of its own facilities such as bathroom and kitchen, or shared accommodation with communal lounges and living spaces. We’re also able to offer sensory rooms, whirlpools, and adapted and modified properties upon request to best suit individual needs. If the current properties we have available are unable to meet these needs, then we do everything in our power to locate other options that are more suited to the tenant.


Falcon Housing Association is constantly moving and developing with the individuals we support. Our job isn’t done until those we support are happy and settled in their own homes with as much independence as possible. If you, a family member, or a loved one are considering social housing for adults, then please do enquire online or speak to a member of our friendly team on 0191 260 0551 today!