Why Invest in Supported Living Property

Why Invest in Supported Living Property

Falcon Housing Association is a registered provider of social housing. We provide high-quality housing to vulnerable adults throughout England and Wales to help them lead more independent lives. We are a not-for-profit organisation and are always looking to forge new partnerships with investors seeking mutually beneficial working relationships.

Investing in property can bring capital gains and a steady income, but investing in supported living property can bring significantly more benefits. The supported living property market is very different from the often aggressive rental market and can reap more reliable gains. If you hadn’t considered it before, you may be surprised.

Long Term Investment

Investing in supported living properties offers a long-term investment with the potential for income, capital gains, and protection against inflation. Many of the young people we work with are likely to remain in the same property for long periods of time, helping you achieve a stable income.

Stable Demand

There is a stable demand for supported living properties across the UK and Wales. It is becoming more and more accessible for the young adults we work with to live increasingly independent lives, and they are looking for supported living opportunities.

Happy Tenants

Supported living property tenants are likely to stay in the same property for longer periods of time because they value the stability and safety. By investing in supported living properties, you are opening the door onto a stable income from happy, comfortable tenants.

Passive Income

Investing in supported living properties can result in a healthy passive income, especially when the investor partners with a social housing and supported living association like Falcon Housing Association. We can help you avoid all the disadvantages of the rental market.


There are many different types of housing required for supported living tenants. Suitable and high-quality housing options are always in demand for our vulnerable young people, so investing in supported living properties has never been more viable.

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Falcon is always looking to partner with private landlords, care providers, property developers and local authorities to help increase the supply of high quality, affordable and sustainable homes to the social-housing sector. If you are interested in joining our rental portfolio or have property/properties that would profit from our expert management, please Contact Us for more information.

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