Supported Housing

What is supported housing?

Supported housing provides our tenants with a place that they can call home. It helps adults with a wide variety of needs retain their independence within their local communities and provides a base from which local authorities can give care and support.

Our care partners

Falcon Housing Association works in partnership with various care providers. Our care partners support our tenants to maintain their tenancies, pay their bills, improve their well-being and learn to manage day-to-day activities more independently. The support received is in accordance with the assessed needs of each tenant.

Types of housing

Falcon Housing Association offers two types of housing: self-contained and shared accommodation. Self-contained accommodation has all its own facilities. This means that each tenant has his or her own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. We also provide communal lounges within our supported living buildings and other facilities such as sensory rooms and whirlpools.

Our properties

Falcon properties look to maximise the independence of our tenants and provide them with comfort, safety and support. Almost all of our properties are newly built or recently converted buildings, and typically form part of a community of supported-living properties within a larger supported-living scheme. Our properties are located in safe, clean, residential neighbourhoods and are situated within close proximity to transport links, shops, statutory services and other amenities.

Special adaptations

All our properties are purchased and designed specifically with the tenant in mind and fully comply with regulatory requirements. Where possible, we will adapt, upgrade and modify properties to better suit the needs of our tenants. If there are no suitable properties available, Falcon will look to make further acquisitions in line with the individual’s specific requirements.

Temporary supported housing

This ‘move-on’ accommodation offers vulnerable adults a stable and safe place to live before moving into private rented accommodation. Through intensive housing management, Falcon prepares vulnerable adults for independent living and re-entry into society.

Call us or fill in our contact form if you, or a loved one are interested in independent or supported living for those who are vulnerable or have a learning disability. 

Falcon Housing Association Durham

We accept referrals from prospective tenants, family members and local authorities. Applicants must have a housing and support need which can be met by moving to one of our properties. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding Falcon’s allocations policy and procedure.

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