Supported housing encourages independence

27th March 2019

Supported housing isn’t merely a safe place for our tenants to rest their heads at night. Our supported housing properties and services help vulnerable adults to realise their independence and explore their options in a safe, supported, and guided environment.

Supported housing

Right from the word ‘go’, our supported living housing helps our tenants to realise their independence. They are involved in every choice to do with their accommodation, where its located, and who they want to live with. Giving our tenants these choices helps to make their supported living accommodation their own home, creating a unique space for them that they feel comfortable and relaxed in. They are involved and consulted with every decision.

Making the space their own

As well as choosing where there’d like to live and who with, our tenants are also encouraged to personalise their space. They’re encouraged to bring their own furnishings, personal belongings, and finishing touches to their room and living spaces. This helps to personalise their space so they feel that they are truly somewhere they can unwind and feel comfortable in.

Personal support

Every individual is just that – individual – and therefore has individual needs. We at Falcon Housing realise this and therefore tailor our services and support to each tenant’s needs. Where possible, we even physically adapt our properties to our tenant’s needs. Should we not be able to do this, we’ll personally make further acquisitions in line with specific tenant requirements.

Personal development

This is perhaps where Falcon’s support can be invaluable. Not only do we encourage tenant interaction where appropriate, we place emphasis on each tenant’s aspirations. Whether that’s to master the day-to-day duties of daily living or to seek work experience with charities in the local community, our tailored personal development programmes help to maximise each tenant’s quality of life. The safe environment of supporting housing and our assistance helps each tenant to realise their own independence and discover new things at their own pace and in a safe space.

Independence and families

As well as involving the tenant in all decisions, their families and those closest to them will also be involved in decisions to make sure that our supported housing and living services are performing to best suit the individual. We work closely with families because they are the people who understand the tenant best, enabling us to connect and communicate with the tenant as advised by their loved ones.

Supported housing and living properties help vulnerable adults across Durham and the UK to live as independently as possible, discovering new things about themselves and developing a rich and fulfilling life. If you’d like to find out more about our services, simply get in touch.