Supported Living: What You Need To Know

24th February 2020

If you or someone you know would benefit from supported living, then we at Falcon Housing Association want to hear from you. We have the tools and the team to help make a real difference to people’s lives, not to mention a genuine passion for the field we worth within.

In this post, we’ll go through the essential things you need to know about us and how we can help with independent living, in turn helping you or your loved one make an informed choice.

Our approach to supported living is personal

Independence is so important in this field, and it’s something that institutions can often overlook. We want to get to know those we’re helping, and ensure they feel safe, comfortable and confident in their homes – all factors which can boost independence. We like tenants to have a say in who they live with and how they decorate their space and make it personal to them.

We work with landlords on your behalf

We partner with landlords in order to find the right homes for the right people and vice versa. When it comes to supported living, we can liaise with landlords for maintenance and repairs to help keep things running smoothly and stress-free.

The options are endless

Needs and preferences are truly unique – they differ greatly from person to person, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work for many who require supported living. When it comes to learning disability supported living, we can help you find the right house for you or your loved one, whether it’s a home that’s shared with others, or a private place. We also take living requirements into consideration, and can factor in features such as a sleep-in room if it’s required for staff to stay on-site, or a sensory room for those who would benefit from extra stimulation.

We can help at every stage

From sourcing a property to helping manage them with maintenance and repairs, our dedicated team work tirelessly to find a home that ticks all the boxes and runs smoothly for our tenants. Many of our clients want stable, long-term housing, so this approach ensures everyone’s needs are met.

Contacting Falcon Housing Association

From expert support, to high quality housing, to a passion for the field and those we help, we’re working hard to offer learning disability supported living to vulnerable adults in need.


To find out more, visit our contact page and we’ll respond within 2 working days. What better time to start your journey into independent living than now?