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Supported Living Post-Lockdown

19th July 2020

Living during a pandemic can be a frightening prospect. As a Specialist Supported Housing Association committed to learning disability supported living, we want you to know that we’re here for you during these strange and unsettling times. In this post, we’ll talk through ways we can support you with your day-to-day independence, so you can concentrate on the things that matter to you.

1. Care

We want you to know that as a Specialist Supported Housing Association, we’re doing all we can to continue offering you the same fantastic level of care you’re used to, even if things can feel more difficult than before. We work hard alongside person-centred care providers to offer everything from opportunities to enhance your wellbeing to activities that can improve your independence. You can contact us on to find out more.

2. Housing

As our top priority, there’s lots we can offer in this arena.  First and foremost, we know the importance having your own home plays in shaping your independence, and we want to find you a place you can create a home for life. We take into account the location you’re looking for, helping you to become part of a community in a residential area, and will also provide you with a home that you can decorate and furnish as you wish. That’s why we’re a trusted name as a provider of Specialist Supported Housing.

3. Maintenance

Keeping on top of the running of your home is a year-round priority. At Falcon Housing Association, we offer support to our tenants through external contractors, who operate 24/7 to put things right for you. Whether it’s a leak, a broken-down washing machine or any everyday niggle, we can help. We also offer a priority system to ensure those who need support the most are seen first.

Compliance is important to us at Falcon Housing Association, and we continue to carry out extensive compliance checks on all our tenants, care providers and properties. Any access required to your property by contractors will be carried out under strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines.

We can also manage bespoke adaptations of your home to suit you and your needs – speak to us if this is something you’d like to arrange.

And finally…

We’d like to share a few tips with you on how to manage your independent living during these unpredictable and unprecedented times. Where possible and practical, we advise you to:

* Clean often, and wash hands regularly
* Maintain social distancing
* Wear a face mask (see here for our exciting Face Mask Competition!)

We are absolutely passionate about our role in providing independent living solutions for those with disabilities. If you (or someone you know) could benefit from the help and support of our Specialist Supported Housing Association, either here in Durham or anywhere nationally, then please get in touch here.