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Supported living properties available for sale nationwide

9th July 2018

At Falcon Housing Association, we believe everyone should have influence over where they live and who they live with. This is why we’re proud to provide housing solutions for vulnerable adults and individuals nationwide, as well as offering social support. As a not-for-profit social housing provider, our first and only priority is to find comfortable long-term supported living solutions for our tenants so that they may continue to grow and thrive as individuals.


We currently have supported living properties for sale across the UK and Wales, offering different types of social housing for vulnerable adults. We tailor our support to each tenant we meet, allowing them to set and achieve their own goals while learning how to manage their tenancy. We involve both themselves and their families in all decision-making processes to ensure that all are safe and satisfied with our supported living solutions.


We don’t just provide social housing, but social and lifestyle support too. We work closely with local authorities and charities to help define the needs of vulnerable adults and to present fresh opportunities for them. For example, your loved one could gain valuable work experience with a charity in their local area and gain new life skills while doing so!


Supported living properties available through us are specifically selected for the purpose of becoming your loved one’s long-term home. They are specifically designed and purchased with our tenants in mind and fully comply with all regulatory and safety requirements. Wherever possible, we will endeavour to meet any requirements that haven’t already been met by our extensive range of properties.


There is no need to worry about maintenance of your property, either, because we take care of that. We provide an effective, reliable, and responsive repairs service to all of our tenants. We not only perform routine maintenance, but endeavour to adapt, upgrade, and modify properties to better suit the needs of our tenants.


Supported living properties available nationwide through Falcon Housing Association are ready and waiting to welcome your loved one. We have solutions suitable for all, so why not find out today?


Call us on 0191 260 0551, or enquire online today.