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Supported Living For Young Adults

21st June 2021

As a leading housing association for those looking to live more independently, we like to do all we can to help our new tenants feel right at home from the moment they pick up their keys. In today’s post, we wanted to talk specifically about supported living for young adults – especially those who may be ‘leaving home’ for the first time. We know moving out can be a stressful time, so we’ve put together some advice, tips and suggestions for feeling calm and confident when you take that big step.

1. Get cracking with organisation

Whether it’s picking up a cheap calendar, recording in a notebook or using an app to keep track of things, moving is a lot easier when you feel organised and prepared for the big day. It can help to:

  • Write down key phone numbers and contact information – it’s so useful to have these easily to hand, and if you’ve lived independently before, you might need to tell your utilities about your move.
  • List the things you’ll need for your new place – right down to bits and bobs like kitchen roll and soap, which are so important, but easily forgotten.
  • Tot up any spending you need to do (and have done already) so you know you’re within your budget.
  • Make a note of dates and times, like when you need to pack your removal van.

2.  Get styled up with shopping

Putting your own stamp on a place is one of the best things about moving. While it might seem like a supported living rental property has a few DIY restrictions, there are still plenty of ways to get round this issue without potentially damaging your new place. Think cool storage, incorporating plenty of plants and popping pictures on bookcases, rather than hanging on the wall. Check out our blog for lots more posts on this topic and of course, if you’re in doubt about the rules, check with your housing association.

3. Get out there in your new neighbourhood

Moving away from friends and family can feel scary, no matter your age or whether you’ve done it before. Focusing on all the positives is a great way to get you through what can feel like a bit of an uncertain time. Take the time to get to know your new neighbours or new flatmates, and explore the area to find out what’s on offer. Are there any nice parks? Cafes? Cinemas? Gyms? Whatever you’re into, you’re bound to find something of interest near your new supported living property.

4. Get into a routine

Waking up in a new place can take some getting used to, and it might make you feel a bit anxious to begin with. A great way to give your mind some structure and familiarity is to create a routine for yourself – like when to get up and go to bed,  when to do fun things like video games or trips out (and for how long), and of course, making time for doing essential jobs like cleaning or washing.

5. Get in touch

However you’re feeling about your next step in supported living, our housing association is here to help. Find all the details on our contact page, and we hope you enjoy your new supported living property.