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How Falcon Housing Association works with you

18th May 2018

At Falcon Housing Association, we’re proud of our person-centred approach to supported living. We always strive to set new standards for supported living properties and care, working with every party available to us to ensure this.

Who does Falcon work with?

The tenant

The most important person we work with is the tenant. Our top priority is to provide a home for life, where the people we support can live as independently as possible. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment, with independent choices regarding their homes left to them. This includes where they want to live, who they want to live with, and how they decorate and furnish their bedroom. This is so important to us because we want our tenants to feel completely at ease in their new home. We place the highest importance on our tenants’ personal development, focussing on their own choices and aspirations. In a safe environment, we can support and encourage their independence and aspirations.

Family members

At Falcon Housing Association, we of course work closely with family members to ensure their relative receives the best support. As a core part of the support network, we value their insight into the specific needs of our tenants. As our tenants learn and grow, we learn and grow with them too, which is why we highly value familial input. We also offer family support should it be necessary, allowing all those involved to feel comfortable.

Local authorities and charities

We work very closely with local authorities to help identify and define the needs of vulnerable adults so that we may find a solution. By working with local authorities, we not only ensure that problems are solved, but that our premises are kept up to date with all regulations and requirements. We work with charities because we’re committed to making a difference to those we care for. These charities help us find a suitable home for vulnerable adults and can provide temporary housing to those in need of shelter. Volunteer organisations also work alongside us to provide our tenants with the opportunity to develop skills, involve themselves in social activities, and gain valuable work experience.

Care providers

Falcon Housing Association works alongside registered, person-centred care providers to provide the highest quality of care. We tailor support to our tenants and value our care providers’ insight into helping them maintain their responsibilities. They guide in maintaining their tenancies, improving their wellbeing, and help manage day-to-day activities so that your loved one can live independently. We’re always looking to form reliable partnerships with care providers across the country.


We pride ourselves on our person-centred approach, but there is so much investment and attention that goes into ensuring that. We partner and take influence from our tenant, their family, and local contributors like charities to ensure we are constantly performing to the best of our abilities. Falcon Housing Association are made up of and by the people who support and contribute to the care of our vulnerable individuals. When considering supported living for your family member, look no further than Falcon Housing Association.