Investing in Supported Living

Falcon Housing Association is a registered provider of social housing and supported living. To help promote independent living, we provide high-quality supported accommodation to vulnerable persons across England and Wales. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are always looking to forge new partnerships with investors looking to build mutually beneficial working relationships.

What is supported living?

Supported living offers a greater sense of independence for its tenants than somewhere like a care home. Almost all of our properties are newly built or recently converted buildings, and typically form part of a community of supported-living properties within a larger supported-living scheme. Our properties are located in safe, clean, residential neighbourhoods and are situated within close proximity to transport links, shops, statutory services and other amenities. Residents in supported living accommodation will benefit from having their own home and are encouraged to take part in their normal everyday activities. They will be provided care as and when needed, as we recognise that all of our tenant’s needs may differ.

Why investing in supported living property makes sense

Whether you’re already a property investor or are looking to branch into property market investment, there are numerous reasons to consider investing in supported living property. Some of those reasons are shared with putting funds into property in general. Property can provide desirable and stable performance over the long term with good potential for income and capital gains. It can also provide a hedge against inflation – but when it comes to investing in supported living property the benefits can be even more considerable.

The rental market can be volatile and the cost of maintaining rental property considerable. But the supported living property market is really quite different. Many of the vulnerable adults that we work with are looking to rent for the long term. They tend to move less frequently, often preferring to stay in the kind of stable and high-quality housing that we provide. Supported living properties are needed on a national basis with many vulnerable adults seeking housing in their own communities close to family and carers to enable them to live independent lives.

How Falcon Housing Association can help you optimise investment in supported living property

Working with Falcon can help you make the most of your investment in every way. As a national provider of social housing, we have a great deal of experience and expertise in providing supported living property. Our proven track record has been fuelled by our commitment and passion for delivering high-quality housing that changes the lives of vulnerable people enabling them to live independently and purposefully.

We already have a firm foothold in the market and a solid reputation. Our growth prospects are strong and as a financially-viable association, we’re set to expand as a national provider securing properties for long-term social housing.

Working with Falcon means you won’t need to worry about some of the disadvantages of the rental property market. We locate supporting living properties for sale, expertly manage them and just as importantly, maintain them for the long term. This means you avoid all costs of upkeep including repairs and maintenance services while ensuring return on rental investments.

The social benefits of investing in supported living property

Although there are many clear financial reasons to invest in supported living property, there are also social objectives and motivations. Investing in supported living property is a wonderful opportunity to really make a difference to vulnerable people’s lives.

At Falcon Housing Association, we see this difference first hand every day. It’s our aim to provide vulnerable people with a home for life where they can live as independently as possible in a safe and supportive environment. Most of our properties are newly built or recently converted and form part of a community of supported-living properties within a larger supported-living scheme. Located in safe, clean and residential neighbourhoods, they are also close to transport links, shops and other amenities.

We believe this is why so many vulnerable people and their families choose Falcon to provide their supported living property. To us it is much more than property – it’s a home for a person to enjoy and live life to the full. Investing in supported living property based on this kind of philanthropy ensures more than one kind of return.

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