How we provide social support through social housing

12th June 2018

At Falcon Housing Association, we don’t just provide exceptional social housing that promotes independence and safety. As well as our non-institutional housing options, we provide unparalleled social support for all of our tenants which is based around their individual needs and aspirations.


Finding their aspirations is one of our main goals for your loved one at Falcon Housing Association. We understand that vulnerable adults seek independent and fulfilling lives as much as anyone else, and we endeavour to support them in realising and working towards their aspirations. Through our social support, we will identify key areas and goals with each tenant that are unique to them to continue their journey of personal growth.


Ensuring independence is another big part of what we do. We are dedicated to supporting and helping all vulnerable adults in our care to achieve the best possible independence they can. In the safe and encouraging environment of our tenants’ own space, we assist them in mastering the performance of daily living tasks and necessary activities. This will ensure that our tenants continue to learn valuable skills such as how best to look after their home through engaging and trustworthy social support.


Becoming active in the community is, we believe, very beneficial social support for our tenants. Through guidance and engagement, we help the vulnerable adults in our care to safely interact with their neighbourhood and community. This could include working alongside volunteer organisations to provide our vulnerable adults with work experience, showing them new skills and presenting exciting opportunities. Organised social activities and interactions supported by the local community will also give your loved one lots of time to make new friends and meet others in the community.


Making a home their own is another way we’re proud to socially support our tenants. We encourage all of our tenants to make appropriate choices regarding their home. This includes from where they want to live, who they would like to live with, and how to decorate and personalise their bedroom. This ensures that the vulnerable adults in our care can meet likeminded people in the comfort of their very own home, but also have their own space unique to them that they can relax in. We always encourage our tenants to bring their own furnishings and personal belongings to make sure that their space still feels their own despite it being a new setting, so that they can settle into their new-found independence comfortably and safely. This is a particularly important aspect of our social support, because it provides our tenants with the room to grow yet adequate personal space too.


Care providers are specially selected by us, making sure we only work with those we think are capable of meeting our standards. By introducing care providers to our tenants, we ensure that high quality care and support are maintained at all times. Their social support helps our tenants to maintain their tenancies, improve their wellbeing, and manage their day-to-day activities in increasingly independent ways.


At Falcon Housing Association, we don’t just believe in social housing as it only tackles part of an individual’s needs. We believe through a combination of social housing and social support, we can really make a difference in the lives of vulnerable adults. Community involvement, mentoring in daily tasks, and personalised spaces ensures that your loved one will be mentally stimulated as well as cared for and supported. Speak to a friendly member of our team on 0191 260 0551 or enquire online today.